Beyond Game Drives.

KELVIN SAM  |  24.11.2022 12:10 PM | 1.4k

Game drives make a fantastic way to start your Safari experience by giving you close access to your guide who can explain the characteristics and behaviourial patterns of everything you see. But when you've done a few game drives, and learned a little about Kenya's extraordinary Wildlife, why not try something different? Branch out with your new-found wisdom and be inventive about your next Safari.

Camel Ride

Camels have been the traditional Transport for nomadic people since time immemorial. Able to go without water for 14 days, and to produce milk even during droughts, these sturdy animals plod languidly through the bush giving their riders plentiful chance of seeing game up close. Raised high on the back of a Camel, you can watch the world from a different viewpoint and get a sense of the lives of nomadic wanderes.

Ballon Safari

Balloons take off at Dawn and floats silently through the sunrise. Able to drift closer to the land when game is sighted, and to rise gently for wide aerial vistas, balloons give their passengers an unrivalled view of animals waking up to the new day. And the champagne breakfast at a scenic location after the flight certainly doesn't detract from the experience.

Horse Riding

Horse riding safaris give you the opportunity to reach places cars can't get to. Riding through the day and pitching camp in a different spot each night, riders get closers to experiencing the animals way of life. If that seems a little ardous, choose a one-day horse safari and return to your luxurious lodgefor those inestimable safari comforts at night.

Scenic Flights

Scenic flights make a striking way to appeciate the sheer enormity of the plains, the scale of the mountains and the reach of the lakes. Skim over the herds in a small plane or hover above them in a helicopter, then soar up to anescarpment and touch down for a picnic or sundowner. Whether it's the animals, the waterfalls or the Great Rift valley that makes your heart race, the view from the air can't fail to impress.

Walking Safari

Walking safaris give you an appreciation of the smaller creatures. unnoticed by the sinuous lions and the graceful impala,insects are hard at work. Be inspired by the determination of the dung dung beetle, or marvel at the teamwork of the ants; all this is possible as you stroll over hills and accross plains.

Cultural Safari

cultural safari bestow a greater understanding of the local people. Visit a Maasai manyatta, a Luo fishing village or an El Molo desert settlement: see first hand the way each tribe lives, speak to the people about their traditions, culture and beliefs. learn from the experts about the medicinal uses for local plants and who knows, you might be invited to participate in a local ceremony.

Photographic Safari

And finally, why not learn a skill while on safari? Photographic safaris, guided by professional photographers, give you the chance to hone your talents while learning more about the flora and fauna of Kenya. Under the tutelage of the experts, perhaps you'll finally nail that award-winning shot.


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