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Ive always wondered how people can change the World through Travelling. When the world was faced with the Covid-19 Pandemic, Travel across the globe was brought to a halt. Many people were forced to stay at home as it was not certain when it would end. Many Tourists and Travellers cancelled their plans,leading to a distruption in the Tourism Industry. It is at this time that i questioned how travelling changes the world.My curiosity landed me on 'ECO-TOURISM' and other forms of sustainable travel. The more I did my research, the more I got to appreciate the beauty of travelling and i got to learn how I could make a Positive impact on our Planet by just Travelling.

In this blog we are going to indulge ourselves into ECO-TOURISM and why it is so important to support Ethical and Sustainable initiatives that really matter. Over the past decade, this form of Tourism has fueled many debates about what it is and what it is not. Many people confuse ECO-TOURISM with Nature-based Tourism. Although both are often used interchangeably, technically they are not the same thing. Nature-based tourism includes forms of Tourism that are directly related to activities in and around nature, whereas ecotourism relates more to the sustainable aspects of travelling.The most important aspect about ecotourism is that it is about making different choices.The Choices we make that minimize our footprint on the environment and have a positive impact on nature and local people.

One might think that ECO-TOURISM is a recent concept when it comes to Travel or that it was started by the Tourism Industry, this is not the case, infact in the early 70's people were travelling mindfully and diminishing their negative impact on the environment. In the 90's, ecotourism started to be Studied,Defined and Marketed, and it has never stopped growing ever since.Ceballos-Lascurain was the first person to define ECO-TOURISM. He termed it as"Tourism that involves Travelling to relatively undisturbed Natural areas with the specific object of studying,admiring and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals,as well as any existing Cultural aspects(both past and present) found in these areas."Since then,many different definitions have been given in an attempt to define the elements or actions of this Tourism that make it what it is.

By choosing ecotourism, travellers learn more about ECOSYSTEMS,CULTURES AND TRADITIONS of the destination, without missing the excitement,adventure and relaxation of a vacation.Eco-tourism allows Countries and Communities to build their economies without harming the environment. This is good as it means that Local Wildlife can thrive and visitors can enjoy travelling in untouched destinations You as a traveller can increase the awareness about the importance of ecotourism.By visiting areas of stunning Natural beauty,seeing animals in their natural habitats and meeting members of local communities,travelleres get to learn about the importance of conserving resources and avoiding waste.

ECO-TOURISM might actually be the future of tourism. In recent years, many Tourists have become more aware and concerned about leaving a positive impact on the destinations they visit.Travellers are also searching for new ways of experiencing nature-based and wildlife activities. There is a growing demand for ecotourism, with travellers showing more interest in sustainable a recent survey conducted by a leading Booking company, revealed that 87% of global travellers said they wanted to travel sustainably.Being able to help local communities,the environment and ecosystems while enjoying a well-deserved vacation is the perfect combination for responsible travel.

As an ecotourist, you can judge the validity of a destination by taking some factors into consideration as there is an abuse of the 'ECOTOURISM' label.The conservation of local cultural and biological diversity is a sign of good ecotourism.Promotion of the sustainable use of resources is also another good sign as it helps the local economies. When choosing your accomodation,you can see if it's environmentally friendly by checking on their website, the policies on waste management,recycling,renewable energy use and energy efficiency. Below is a guide to know if your on Eco-tourism;

You will enjoy and learn about nature in a respectfull way.

The money you trade in ie.Dollar$, will go to the locals of the areas your visiting.

You will learn firsthand from locals and experts about your surroundings.Ecotourism is learning while having a great time.

The initiatives you will support with your trip are changing the world with your help.

Eco tourism is understaning about area capacity limits, which for you will translate into a personal, not-massified experience.

Of course, the top priority of all ecotourism initiatives is that you have an amazing,fun,memorable holiday.
As Otuga Safaris ltd, we are proud to offer ECOTOURISM options in rewilding areas across the country with the help of our local Partners, so be assured to tick all above.


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