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One of the most popular sites to visit while in Nairobi is the iconic Giraffe Center. Located about 20 km/12.5 miles from the city center,it takes 40 mins by car to arrive at the destination which borders the Nairobi National Park on one side and the porche residential estate known as Karen. If you have ever dreamt of being up close with animals of the wild, then the Giraffe Center is a must visit when you come to the city under the sun. As the name suggests, the Giraffe Center offers you an opportunuty to get close to the highly endangered
'Rothschild's Giraffes'.

The Center allows you to feed the Giraffes from your palms and even play with them a litttle bit- if that's what you call a kiss or lick from one of them. Some will even allow you to touch/ pet them if you want to. Kenya is home to three subspecies of Giraffes incliuding; the Maasai,Reticulated and the endangered Rothschild. as earlier mentioned, this center is home to the Rothschild Giraffe. Once you enter the Giraffe Center, you will see a wooden structure that was constucted to allow visitors/tourists to be at head level with the animals. Food pellets are given at the Center so that you can offer them to the Giraffes by hand or mouth. The Giraffes are always excited to receive the pellets and are always ready for them as it makes them glad.

The Giraffes at the Center have grown strong bonds with visitors and are generally friendly to people as they are used to the attention they get from people and their daily interactions with Human beings. Even though this is the case, they are still wild animals and visitors are urged not to upset them and be careful when around them. Standing at incredible heights, it is breathtaking just being close and in the presence of so many Giraffes at the same time. I havent visited or know of any other place in Africa that offers visitors such an interactive and breathtaking experience with wild animals other than the Giraffe Center, so enjoy this lifetime opportunity while at the Giraffe Center in

This being a Giraffe Center, you might think that you will only see Giraffes, but this is not the case. Being wild animals, it is important that a wilderness environment is created so that the Giraffes feel more at home. While at the Center you will see a woodland vegetation,with Acacia trees. You may also spot Warthhog families playing around in the mud in the same area. In addition to the Tourism features at the Giraffe Center, there is a Main Shopping Center that sells Curios and a seperate Maasai Shop where they sell great souvenirs that you can take back home. When in Nairobi as a Tourist, i recommend you visit the Giraffe center as an addition to your Travelling experience while in


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